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f-stops, shutter speeds, and iso's - oh my. so much to know, so much to practice so much to learn. I have never felt like I have arrived and know everything about photography …I am having to always work at it….work on my technique, my style, my vision.  I read tons of photography books, I watch photography webinars but I especially love going to photography workshops. This summer I ventured to Atlanta to learn from one of my all-time favorite photographers in the industry - Audrey Woulard. Audrey is an internationally  known photographer from Chicago. When I heard she was coming south to give a weekend workshop I knew I had to be there. Audrey has this amazing style of photography that I love. She keeps things simple which I need ...and she is completely open and honest about how to do it all.  We spent the weekend learning about technique, about business, about marketing but my favorite part was spending time behind the camera photographing these cute tweens….yes, 10 to 13 yr olds….tweens …the so called awkward forgotten age to get photographs.  Audrey styled the girls in causal, hip clothes and off we went…looking for the light. the oh so beautiful midday light….and boy did we find it! Audrey thank you for sharing your unbelievable talent, thank you for being so open and honest, thank you for inspiring me. And for all those tweens out there - the time is NOW to get your picture taken : )

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