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I took a bit of a social media break the past several I always do this time of year. Life seems to be moving so fast parenting three teenage boys, especially with one headed to college next year, I felt I really wanted to be more focused and present with my family during the Holiday break. Christmas was its usual busy self my parents and my sister's family here is Asheville....and then traveling to Wrightsville Beach to celebrate my mother-in-law's 88 birthday....all the while finishing up holiday photo sessions. Due to all the hulablu I was unfortunately not able to get my annual Christmas cards out either.....something I look forward to every year. I felt sad that I didn't even have a single picture to use of my boys know the saying "the cobblers children have no shoes"....well that's me with no photographs :). Therefor I told my boys all I really wanted for Christmas was for them to let please me take a few pictures. My boys - I am so proud of what smart, kind, handsome, driven young men they have become....even if they only gave me 15 min with the "not so excited that my mom is taking our picture" look : ). Thank you James, Davis and Hagan for my favorite Christmas present!

Here is to a bright future - 2015 - and a Happy New Year!

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