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FAQ's ….How long is a photo session? How do I get to see my images?  Here are a few answers to FAQ's about booking sessions with me.

How long does a session take?

Usually one to two hours depending on location, how many people are included in the shoot and how long you will let me keep photographing :)

What should I wear?

Wear something special, something with textures, patterns, layers or a pop of color. You might include boots, Converse shoes or heels….hats or scarfs are fun to add in here or there too. Use complementing colors but not matching. Above all wear something that makes you feel good. Please take a quick look at the What to Wear section with some example pictures of a few of my past sessions. Also, Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration!

Where will my session take place?

I like when a client picks the location spot. This usually means that it is someplace special to them. If you feel you need suggestions, there are so many great spots in Asheville.  Pick a location that creates the look and feel you want - a rural setting with fields and flowers such the Biltmore, Botanical Gardens  - or maybe you want something a bit more urban like the River Arts District and downtown that are edgy, fun and full of the Asheville vive.

Do you have a studio?

Yes, I have a small studio space on Arlington St. I am so excited about this new space. It is great for head shots, kids, pets and product shots. I use both natural light and strobes. You can see lots of studio shots in the portfolio gallery here on my website.

What should I bring to my session?

Yourself is all you need.....but, by all means, bring a prop along if you want to include one. A pet, sporting equipment, a skate board, a cool piece of furniture, balloons or even something as small and simple as a special stuffed animal are a few ideas. I may just bring something too. You are also welcome to bring different outfits if you would like to change your look from causal to something dressier or perhaps an outfit that shows your interest/passion like dance, a sports uniform, etc. My van makes a great makeshift dressing room.

When can I see my images?

Once our session is complete, it usually takes me about two weeks to edit and post to a private online gallery on my website. I sometimes provide you a sneak peek of a photo on Facebook or Instagram. I will email you as soon as all of your images are ready and posted.

Where/how will I be able to view my images once they are ready?

I will post them to a password-protected gallery in the client galleries section on my website. Once they are ready to see, I will email you right away!

How many images will be in my gallery?

Although my shutter clicks hundreds of times during our session, only the best of the best - those images that capture you, your look and personality, only the ones that are sharp with good composition, exposure and expressions - survive my editing process. This usually ends up being about 35 images (or 15 images for headshot session) posted to your gallery. Of course give or take a few on the exact number depending on the type of session and the number of people.

How long will I have to order my images?

Your gallery will be open for 10 days giving you time to view and order. *** Please note that ALL images will be purged 30 days after your gallery is closed due to limited storage space.*** 

How do I order?

When I email you that your images are ready and posted to your gallery, I will include instructions about the ordering process. 

If I order a flash drive package with all the digital images can I print and share them as I like?

Yes - please do! And if you post to Facebook or Instagram, I would LOVE it if you tag me! 

If you feel I have not covered something and still have questions please ask away!

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