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Every picture tells a story... What is your story? Everyone has one and I believe we can all write our own stories. The latest chapter of mine is the story about my love of photography. When I was young growing up , my father was always at the edge of the room, holding his film camera and long lens in his hands. I suppose I naturally inherited his love of pictures. I believe my business has developed quite organically, as I’ve captured the life and laughter of my three boys (four, if you count my husband) and our many pets

I like to create images that express unique personal emotions, faces that are fresh with anticipation, feeling, joy and light. I photograph with intention. I want my images to capture the special in the ordinary: the spark in your child’s eye, up close faces, the love and emotion between friends or the unexpected tenderness of family members together. I am invested in authentic work that is both beautifully constructed and reflective of each subject’s personality. My goal for a photography session is to create a comfortable environment where you can be yourself and have fun. I can then focus on creating images that convey you and your story! My father’s advice, “Whatever you choose to do, do it well, and do it with passion,” resonates with me. I hope my passion for taking photographs will allow me to help tell your special story in pictures I believe that your story, that moment caught in time should be photographed and held still forever.

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